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Course Description

This is a basic information security awareness workshop. Learning can be through theory and practice; when theory is put into practice, there is a thin line between perfection and distortion. The workshops provide you an intensive session which will empower you with knowledge; that is inaccessible to most, in a simplified and easily graspable manner.

Our ethical hacking training workshop at Securigence Training provides students with penetration testing in various areas of the cyber world. Our highly-skilled practitioners teach students about mobile security, web application security, email security, network security. Other than hacking skills, students even learn various defence techniques to secure the cyber world.

Course Content

In this module student will be introduced current cyber security challenges faced by enterprises by sharing cyber attacks case studies in the past year, along with career options available in the field of information security.
In this module we will teach basics of networking concepts and different web technologies required by an information security consultant to understand working architecture of a network and web application layer.
In this module students will be getting hand-on experience of information gathering and digital footprint collection through various available open source tools and methods to collect information available on WorldWideWeb.
In this module we will talk about basic architecture of email along with various attacks associated with email security and security guidlines which will help an organisation to make an effective email security policy.
In this module students will learn how information security professionals can use google search engine as a default tool of finding unsecured data crawled by google's page rank algorithm and how they can refine their traditional searching method.
In this module we will be talking about web application auditing global standards like OWASP Top 10 attacks.
In this module we will be talking about all three popular operating system's security architecture and attacks, which are possible on these operating systems via various kind of Malwares.
Over 80% of smartphones on planet are running on android, around 13% smartphones are running with iOS operating system. Hence, in this module is purely concentrated on making student understand these operating system's security architecture, we will be also talking about VOIP security.
This module is small program designed to cause trouble by gaining access to a device. It can copy personal data or slow device down. student will learn how to defend these and how to use this attack.
In this module student will learn different wireless attacks like WEP, WPA, WPA2 & WPA2 Enterprise cracking and security. In the end students will learn how to make an effective wireless network security policy for their respective enterprise.

Why us?

Practical Training

Over 90% of the training is hands on practice sessions for providing first hand experience.

Small Batch Size

We believe that cyber security education has to be delivered in a personalised manner for maintaining efficiency hence we keep our small batch sizes.

No More Trainers

We do not have any full time trainers, because the faculty who will be teaching you during the course will be someone from our enterprise customer services team.


Participants clearing final exam with more than 70% marks will be awarded with Securigence Level One Certified Ethical Hacker.


Each participant will get a toolkit containing tools used during the training, white papers,videos and other support software.


Candidates will be provided E-Book and presentation slides containing tutorials of the contents of the training.


Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-graduate students, Faculties and information security lovers who have passion to enter into Information security field.

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